Here’s a look at Google’s step into the social media game and their timing could be good. A key feature is to be able to organize friends into categories, or as Google+ refers to as “circles”.

Are we tired of having to monitor yet another social outlet, or do we welcome another key player that may help get us a better set of tools to use?

I received this comment from a friend offline:
“Geez Steven,  I can not even keep up with my FB and LI accounts.  Now we have BNI (a business network) to monitor, too.  Windows live is always trying to get me to socialize my contacts thru them, too.  I think we have enough.  Why do you think it is good?”

My business response is this:
“Hah, I hear ya, most of the social networks you mention have their place, but it doesn’t make sense to have a social account unless you use it – and I struggle with the time for that myself. The Google+ app looks to do what FB does, but better in some ways, such as group online chats and online meetups, etc. It at least looks to give FB a run for its money and as they say… “time will tell” how it all shakes out for us end users. Which is one reason why I think it’s important as a business to control your own, by having a website that doesn’t fall prey to corporate shifts we can’t control, while using what social tools we have available to compliment our brand marketing.”