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Marketing Strategies – Search Engine Optimization

Skyfarm 808 can help create custom marketing strategies for your business be found through web searches, because what good is a great product and even a decent website, when nobody can find you?

Every business is unique and therefore deserves the personal attention to discover what the best approach is for developing a long term solution in being found on the internet. There are local, regional, national and global approaches that can be employed to best serve your business needs.


We research the market and balance a marketing strategy based upon: What makes a product unique, finding what people are searching for and what the competition is doing.

There is a huge marketplace for SEO solutions out there and it’s important to find a business partner that understands the uniqueness and subtleties to your business and also studies the search trends to keep your SEO plan flexible to adjust to changes as they come.



Skyfarm 808 can help your business establish itself in the social marketplace to broaden its current profile and reaching a wider customer base.

There are great resources on the internet to help improve your business’ visibility and to also utilize as a viable marketing tool. In a comprehensive SEO program, we diversify the market reach by integrating social media in getting quality search results.

There is a larger customer base to draw from that already exists for people who are using these social networks. Communication in these social forums are different than more traditional forms of marketing and advertising, but can be very effective in communicating with customers and broadening your brand.

Local and Global Business Directories and Review Sites

Skyfarm 808 can expose your business to multiple key search locations through the use of  internet local and global business directories.

There are a number of established online business directories, such as Google and Yahoo, and others that allow for you to own your presence on the web. Some of these directories are free to sign up with and allow adding images, video, map location and a link to your business’ website., and others are available at a nominal fee. The result helps build authority with search engines and gives your business a better opportunity to rank competitively. A local business directory can benefit from potential customers finding you through web searches that lead them to your website or physical store.

Perhaps the most valuable element of  business directories is that they facilitate customer reviews that also become viable search terms on the internet. Potential customers are web savvy and search and find reviews from people like themselves that help them make decisions on where to spend their money. These reviews at the same time become search engine friendly content that is found through everyday web searches.

Review specific sites such as, Yelp and Trip Advisor are also key players with reaching your target audience and assisting in better internet search results. Websites can be created with the function to manage and populate customer testimonials and reviews.

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